SkyGrid is revolutionising how companies are delivering field service


SkyGrid technology allows companies to track and monitor equipment, vehicles and a mobile workforce.

This allows businesses to be more efficient and provide superior customer support.


Learn how SkyGrid is transforming field service

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Reduce Dispatches

Get it right first time

SkyGrid's remote monitoring allows companies to reduce field service dispatches and eliminate secondary trips that occur due to poor first-time fixes.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Having real-time information from equipment, vehicles and staff is powerful. It allows our customers to improve operational efficency and reduce costs.

Improve Customer Experience

Fix it before it breaks

SkyGrid predictive maintenance can detect problems before they affect customers. Provide better support than your competitors, by fixing problems before they become an issue for your customer.

Create New Business Models

Disrupt the Industry

SkyGrid allows your company to create new business models and disrupt the status quo. You can sell service-level agreements with the product, for example 24/7 monitoring. You could sell your product as a service, so that users only pay as they go.

Collect Valuable Data

The value is in the data!

By linking data from staff, fleet and equipment, new insights can be derived, which will further increase field service efficiency.

Track Product Life-cycle

Gain insights

Manufacturers can embed SkyGrid into their product at the production line. They can track their product from factory, to store, to consumer. They learn how consumers interact with their product and can react accordingly.

Learn how SkyGrid is transforming asset management

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Our Solutions

The SkyGrid platform is changing how field service is done.

See how our customers are using SkyGrid solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Connected Swimming Pool

Remote pool-monitoring solution is totally changing the pool service industry.

Fleet Tracking

Real-time fleet tracking

Asset Management

Real-time cost visibility


Connected water heater

Sigfox solutions

Sigfox board

LoRa solutions

Smart City

Service platform

A new type of market place

And some augmented reality

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Trips are unnecessary

Research shows that one out of three field service trips could have been handled remotely. When a trip is required, SkyGrid ensures the field service technician arrives with the correct tools for the job, often before the fault has impacted the user!


Million technicians

Every day there are about 2.1 million field service employees out in the field around ther world, servicing equipment. In Australia alone there are 256,000 mobile technicians performing field service on a daily basis.


Billion dollars wasted

Waiting for the cable guy costs the American economy 20 billion dollars each year. SkyGrid knows that field service can be done a lot better than this. We make operations efficient, and keep customers happy.

The future of field service is IoT + AI


Automating Field Service

The SkyGrid platform provides all the tools and integrations required to build the next generation of field-servicing applications.

SkyGrid sensors monitor equipment, fleet and staff.

The sensor data is used to derive insights, that are in turn used to automate the field servicing.

When anomalies are detected, SkyGrid can automate the work order, the dispatches, inventory ordering, invoicing and lots more.

A key feature of SkyGrid is the ability to integrate the machine data into your existing field service management systems, so we support integration to popular FSM platforms.





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Our Services


The foundation of any SkyGrid solution is the SkyGrid enterprise grade IoT platform. The cloud-based platform is used to quickly integrate machine data into field-service management.

Hardware Design

SkyGrid supports a vast array of sensors and devices that can monitor companies' assets 24/7. Cars, pumps, swimming pools and water flow are some examples of things our customers are monitoring today.


Application Development

The data collected from sensor is brought to life in the IoT applications. We build these applications for our clients, including dashboards, charts, metrics and other visualisations.




API Integration

SkyGrid provides an API for easy integration into your current business support systems. We have integrated SkyGrid to leading field-service and asset-management enterprise platforms, and many other tools used for field service planning and operations.

API Reference Guide

Mobile App

For many projects we work on, a consumer or field-service technician will require a mobile app. The SkyGrid mobile app (Android, IOS, web) template is easily adapted to suit your workforce and customer. Easily add alerts, notifications, messaging and lots more.


Key to SkyGrid is providing a platform that supports integration to popular field-service platforms. We are always adding new plug-ins for platforms such as Microsoft Dynaics, Oracle Field Service, ServiceMax and lots more.

About us

SkyGrid is an award-winning IoT company. The SkyGrid platform provides all the required infrastructure businesses need to develop IoT applications. SkyGrid is focused on using IoT technology to improve their clients' field-service operations.

The SkyGrid platform is an enterprise-grade IoT platform, with the added benefit of an artifical intelligence engine. This revolutionary technology allows SkyGrid to not only monitor equipment, but to also learn its behaviour.





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Jobs scheduled


Invoices Issued


Blog Posts

How IoT is transforming the asset-management industry

Nov 26, 2016 in Industry Reports

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how companies are performing asset management. Today, sensors can be installed on equipment, allowing for real-time monitoring. The insights derived from the sensors are used by the business to understand maintenance needs, improve process efficiency and reduce operational costs.

IoT is changing field-service management

Oct 23, 2016 in Industry Reports

The mobile app economy made us become accustomed to being ‘always on’, having the right information when we need it and getting real-time notifications of events. We can’t imagine a world without our connected smartphone. The Internet of Things is changing field service in a similar way. Situational awareness through sensors and real-time data is changing the competitive landscape of field service.

The numbers behind predictive maintenance

June 26, 2014 in Industry Reports

Traditional preventive maintenance uses a time-based approach. This consumes unnecessary resources and may actually cause failure by disrupting the equilibrium of stable assets. IoT is enabling predictive maintenance and the numbers behind it are impressive.

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